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2023-2024 St. John Paul II Benefactors

Our Lady of Czestochowa
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Bazan +
Frank and Theresa Bramanti * ’06, ’96, ’01, ’02, ’04, ’06, ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Michaels
Mr. and Mrs. John and Jennifer Zagata +
St. Faustina
Dr. Khalid Almoosa and Mrs. Noha Tuma
The Bouffard Family ’09, ’11 +

Mr. Abdulmassih & Mrs. Cayama +
The Bogard Family ’16, ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Chance Dailey +
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Deweese
Mr. and Mrs. John Fahy
The Hengst Family * ’94, ’96, ‘98
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Miller +
Mark and Janet Stasney
Mr. Miguel Teran and Mrs. Veronica Almarza +

St. Peter
The Aertker Family ’97, ’99, ’01, ’05
Austin Baeur and Brenda Gerland *
Mr. and Mrs. Maarten Bomers +
Mr. and Mrs. William Flanders
The Ulery Family ’15, ’19
The Whitson Family ’17
Carl and Betty Willis * +

Saints Supporters
Up to $1,999
Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Abad
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Acosta
Mr. and Mrs. Jayson Alda
Dr. and Mrs. Salvador Aldrett
Ms. Jessica Ande
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arellano
Irene and John Bahr *
Mr. and Mrs. Balderas
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Brayshaw
Oren and Debbie Breaux *
Mr. and Mrs. William Burke
Charles C. Burton and Luanne Burton *
Mr. and Mrs. David Calvillo

The Carlile Family ’01, ’04, ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Castellano
Ms. Yolanda Cavazos
Mr. Luis Chapellin and Mrs. Maria Estrada
Mr. and Mrs. Javier Chavez
The Condara Family ’07, ’08, ’11
Mr. and Mrs. John Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Corpuz
Mr. and Mrs. Stefano Costantini
Mac & William Cromwell *
Mr. Noel David and Mrs. Mariangie Pagan
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Dorgan
The Drewes Family ’06, ‘10
The England Family ’11, ’14
Wayne Etheridge *
Ms. Jordan Fama
Ms. Jessica Fannin
Glen and Jill Feldpausch *
Ms. Betty Festa
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Figueroa
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Freeborg
Kathy and Joel Fuentes *
Mr. and Mrs. Javier Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Garcia
Don German and Clara Gomez *
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Franz Grunenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Will Haley
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hardy
The Harry Family ’97
Maurice Hebert Jr. and Dottie Hebert *
Mike and Debbie Hess *
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Hewitt
Mr. Robert and Dr. Shari Hiltbrand
Ms. Danielle Hirsch
Ted and Sally Holy *
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hughes
Edward and Sonia Hurst *
Karen Keating
The Kim Family ’10, ’13
The Lamb Family ’98, ’00
Ms. Michelle Leonardo '20

Mr. and Mrs. Song Liaw ’18

Ms. Jennifer Linhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Love
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Maskulinski
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCall
The McCurry Family ’97
Mr. David McGhee and Mrs. Monica Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McGrath
John and Martha McKinstry *
Jean and Rob McLean *
The Mendelson Family ’98
Terry and Beth Michel *
Mr. Patrick Cruz and Mrs. Andrea Moniaci
Mr. & Mrs. Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Maher Moukarim
Mr. Navarro and Mrs. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Nunez
Mrs. Sara Nunez
Mr. and Mrs. Eric (’98) Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Osgood
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Pace
Ms. Antonella Padula
Brian and Jennifer Padden *
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Payton
Mr. and Mrs. William Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Philips
Mr. Christopher Popelka and Ms. Lucy Dao
Ms. Jennifer Quinlan
Mr. Felix Rantow and Mrs. Ervina Widjaja
The Riley Family ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Sarvarian
Father Eamonn Shelly
Mr. and Mrs. Avery Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Silveira
George and Brenda Sondecker *
Richard and Linda Spinks *
The Stieber Family ’10
The Sudkamp Family ’17
The Sutton Family ’07, ’11
Mr. & Mrs. Atsushi Takagi
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Taunton
Thomas and Nga Than *
Samir and Grace Tuma *
The Unger Family ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Valencia
Andy and Diane Waligura *

The Walker Family ’15, ’17, ’20

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weido
Ms. Ashley Wetwiski
The Wiatrek Family ’09, ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilhite
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Williamson
The Yohr Family ’12, ’18, ’19, ’21
* Denotes StJPII Grandparent
+ Denotes matched gift
Years denote alumni graduates


The Benefactor List represents givers to the Annual Fund and Gala (contributions to Gala will be reflected after the event). Please note that gifts to endowments, capital projects, ticketed events, gifts-in-kind, or raffle sales are not included.

If you have given a gift and your name is missing from this list, if your name is misspelled, or if you would like your name to be listed differently, please email and we will have it corrected. If a gift is given between now and July 31, 2024, your name will be added to this list, so we can capture all donors for the 2023-2024 year.