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Service Projects

Giving back through Service at StJPII

The moral and character formation of students is a priority at StJPII. Thus, service to others and to the community is an essential part of the curriculum through the seven Corporal Works of Mercy. Each grade level participates in service projects during the year, as well as school-wide service projects. Through our service projects students are given the opportunity to share with others the gifts they have received.


Kristi Yohr

PreK/Kindergarten Service Project
PreK and Kindergarten worked together to complete a project to Feed the Hungry. Both grade levels brought supplies to provide lunches for homeless Houstonians. PreK made over 150 bologna and cheese sandwiches, and Kindergarten decorated lunch bags and filled them with chips, drinks, cookies, etc. The lunches were donated to St. Cyril of Alexandria Parish Ministry to the Homeless. This committee goes out weekly to hand deliver food to those on the street. Thank you PreK and Kindergarten for your generosity!  - Corporal Works of Mercy: Feed the Hungry

1st Grade Service Project
First grade collected food and toiletries for the Saint John Vianney Food Pantry.  SJV distributes food and toiletries to those who need help in our area.  Each StJPII student brought at least one item by Sept. 27, the feast of St. Vincent de Paul.   
Items needed:
Rice (white or brown) 1 lb bag
Flour (2 lb bag)
Sugar (4 lb bag)
Mashed Potatoes (4 oz bag)
Canned fruit:  Mixed fruit, pineapple, peaches
Evaporated and dry milk
Cake mix, brownie mix
Pasta - all sorts and types
Hot cocoa mix (6 ct.)
Macaroni & cheese (7.25 oz box)
Toothbrushes for adults & children
Toothpaste for adults & children
Bar soap (6 ct.)
Shampoo (30 oz bottle)
Grocery store gift cards ($20-$25) 

3rd Grade Service Project

The 3rd Grade class donated treats for the St. Mary's Seminarians for their finals week. Third grade has been praying for them and made them cards to let them know they are in our prayers. Students have stuffed boxes with cereal bars, boxes chips, cookies AND EVEN CANDY!
Below are the names of the StJPII Seminarians by grade level:  

  • 3rd grade seminarian - Chris Wuenscher
  • 4th grade seminarian - Chris Meyer
  • 5th grade seminarian - Jacob Ramirez
  • 6th grade seminarian - Deacon Justin Cromie


4th Grade Service Project
StJPII 4th graders are collecting items for the homeless (blankets, sleeping bags, travel-sized toiletries, men's undershirts and socks).  Donations will be distributed on Thanksgiving Day after a feast provided by the Breaking Bread Homeless Ministries . 4th graders will assemble bags of personal items.  

6th Grade Service Project
The two sixth grade bake sale service projects raised a total of $1583.00. This allowed StJPII to fund four (4) scholarships for students to attend Amigos de Jesus, a school/home for students in Honduras. The 6th grade thanks everyone for their participation in our service project. 

STUCO Coin Clash
The Student Council (STUCO) coin clas- Bring your coins and cash and support STUCO. All monies collected will go to the STUCO's charity of choice. -Corporal Works of Mercy: Give alms to the poor

Upcycling with a Community Service

The seventh-grade SOAR group would like the StJPII community’s help with their project. The girls are hoping to create upcycled clothing from donated items, with a service twist. If you are planning to do some closet cleaning over the next few weeks, please consider donating gently used clothing to this project. Any clothing not used by the girls in their project will be donated to a charity, such as Star of Hope, the Gabriel Project, or Salvation Army.  Please consider donating to this creative and worthwhile project. Clothing accepted would be gently used children's, women's, or men’s shirts, pants, skirts, shorts, etc.