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Elementary Basketball


2020-2021 WHCSA Winter Basketball 

On behalf of the participating churches and schools
of the West Houston Christian Sports Association,
The WHCSA exists for the children!
Our hope is to create an opportunity for every child, regardless
of skill level, to play sports within a Christian environment, full
of positive encouragement, fellowship, sportsmanship, and
God's love.
These documents will provide important information about the league,
it's members, facilities, and guidelines, which we hope will assist
in making this a wonderful experience for everyone!
  Thank you for your involvement in the WHCSA!  This league would
not be possible without all of the support from the families,
and the participating churches and schools.
We are thankful to each of you and to God for providing us the
opportunity to teach the children, uplift them, and surround them
with His presence.
If you have any questions about this information, or at any time
during the season, please feel free to contact:
Gail Hovanesian Miller - WHCSA Administrator
(713) 857-9422

Basketball League Rules