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Elementary Athletics

**Please register EACH CHILD and EACH SPORT, and ANY CAMP FEES, SEPARATELY on ACCEPTIVA in accordance with your grade level, i.e. Elementary PreK- 5th, as well as the specific registration period per the calendar below.

**Please note on the ACCEPTIVA form, only complete the "COACHES" section if you would like to be a Volunteer COACH! The registration fee for each Elementary sport is $195.00, again please do not include/combine camp fees, or any other type of fee when registering your child. Those fees must be paid separately. 
You do NOT need a School Physical for Elementary sports.

Once we close registration, the teams are finalized and the coaches are verified, then each coach will be informed via email. This usually takes about a week to process. Coaches will then email their teams with all necessary information regarding practice days and times, game schedules, equipment, and when the league has their Coaches meeting which is usually right before the season starts.

Please familiarize yourself with the website as well as the handbook, and read Saints Weekly each week to keep up on all information for each sport! 
Below is a guide line for the school year regarding all 3 sports seasons.


**Practice days for ALL ELEMENTARY SPORTS is as follows:
The teams will practice 1 day a week, and it will be any day Monday through Friday  for 1 hour anywhere from 6:00- 8:00 pm, or, Fridays from 3:45- 8:00 pm.
Optional practice days are on Sundays from 1:00-5:00 pm 
Each team has 1 day of practice (unless their coach requests a 2nd day) and each practice is 1 hour long. All games are held ONLY on Saturdays, various schools are host sites that you will receive when your coach sends the game schedules. 

You must register each child separately on ACCEPTIVA
CLICK HERE for Acceptiva Registration for ALL WHCSA Sports

Elementary Athletic Director:
Mary Beth Hewitt,

StJPII is a member of the West Houston Christian Sports Association (WHCSA) a skill-building league for grades PreK-5th. Sports offered are: PreK-5th soccer (fall), Kinder-5th basketball (winter), and PreK-5th baseball/softball/Tball (spring) as well as 4th-8th Chapelwood Volleyball league.

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First page of the PDF file: althelticcalendar2023