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Tuition Assistance

The FAST Application link will be activated in January 2023

Does St. John Paul II offer tuition assistance?
Yes, the school is committed to offering an excellent education at an affordable tuition rate. We strive to provide tuition assistance to families who are committed to Catholic education and who have demonstrated financial need.
How do I apply for tuition assistance?
The school has contracted with a third party organization, Financial Aid for School Tuition (“FAST”), to provide an objective evaluation of financial need.  FAST is a national organization and also serves many of the Catholic high schools in Houston.  Instructions and applications for tuition assistance for the 2023-2024 school year are available by clicking on FAST link below.  All applications must be submitted online directly to FAST.


What is the deadline for submitting my application?       
In order to be considered in the first round of tuition assistance awards, the complete financial aid application and fee must be submitted to FAST no later than Monday, February 6, 2023. Supporting documentation should be mailed to FAST for receipt by Monday, February 13, 2023.

If I received tuition assistance last year, do I need to apply again this year?
Yes, tuition assistance applications must be resubmitted each year as families' needs may fluctuate. One year of tuition assistance does not guarantee assistance in future years. Each year stands on its own so interested families must apply every year for which they anticipate needing assistance.
If my child is applying to St. John Paul II for the first time, can I apply for financial assistance?
Yes, new families who are applying for admission to our school are welcome to apply for tuition assistance.  
Will my child’s admission to the school be affected by my application for tuition assistance?
No, admissions decisions are made without regard to the applicant’s ability to pay.  Admissions decisions are made by the school administrators – who are not members of the financial aid committee.  Conversely, members of the financial aid committee are not involved in the admissions decision process.
What information do I have to provide to apply for financial assistance?
The FAST application program will request information about the parents’ employment, size of household, income and net assets, as well as any special circumstances affecting the family’s ability to pay tuition.  Most information will be submitted online through the FAST program; however, you will also be required to mail supporting documentation such as tax returns and bank statements directly to FAST.
The FAST application form asks for my 2022 federal income tax return.  What happens if my tax return cannot be completed by the deadline?
Please provide your most recent completed tax return when you submit your application AND send your current tax return as soon as it is available.
Where do I send my tuition assistance application?
Applications should be submitted online directly to FAST using the link provided on the school website.  Supporting documentation must be mailed directly to FAST.  For your convenience, the school business office has pre-addressed 9”x12” envelopes for this purpose, or you may simply mail your documents to FAST at the address provided on their website.
Can I just fax or email my tax and bank documents to FAST?
No, FAST requires hard copies of all supporting documentation.  FAST will not accept fax or electronic copies of your documents.
Are there any income limits when applying for assistance?
No, each family’s financial situation is independently evaluated by FAST.
Does FAST share my financial information with any other parties?
All information is held in strict confidence and is not shared with any organizations except for the St. John Paul II Financial Aid Committee.
Will FAST ever contact me directly?
Occasionally, if the professionals at FAST need additional information to complete their evaluation, you may be contacted by phone or by mail to provide the requested data.
How is the amount of my financial aid award determined?
The Financial Aid Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors, makes every effort to meet the needs of each applicant.  The committee considers the recommendations made by FAST and the amount of funds available for tuition assistance to determine the amount awarded to each family. 
When will I be notified if my family has been awarded assistance?
  • New applicants to the school will be notified of the amount of tuition assistance granted, if any, by letters to be mailed on Friday, March 10, 2023. This is the same date that admissions decision letters will be mailed.
  • Returning families will be notified of their tuition assistance awards, if any, by letters to be mailed during the fourth week of March.
What if I miss the February application deadline?
Tuition assistance applications will continue to be accepted after the initial due date.  However, the evaluation of the second round of applications is not completed until mid-April.
Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Please contact the school business manager at 281-496-1500.