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Summer Reading and Math Work 2023

Summer reading and math are important parts of educational growth and allow students to review and practice skills learned the previous year. StJPII's goal is to maintain students’ academic growth and promote continued learning throughout the summer.

            In addition to the summer reading, parents are asked to purchase a Math Summer Solutions Workbook designed to help students review and retain grade-level math objectives. When ordering the math workbook, parents will purchase the level that matches the grade their child is completing or has just completed. For example, if your child has just finished second grade, choose Level 2.

Please refer to the table and click on the appropriate grade level for your child’s summer reading and math assignments. 

*All of the reading and math work will need to be finished by the first day of school, August 15, 2023.

StJPII has compiled a list of Optional Reading Resources for your reference. Click the link below to view: 

Optional Reading Resources