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Middle School (6-8)

The Middle School years present an exciting opportunity for young people to grow in Catholic formation while developing crucial relationships with their parents, peers, and teachers. During these years, student attitudes towards themselves emerge and curiosity about the world around them take hold. StJPII provides rigorous academics and spiritual guidance to create a skill set that grows assurance beyond high school years. We believe in allowing our students to explore interests, identify talents, and take responsibility through opportunity. Our extra-curricular programs include, but are not limited to, an award-winning band, competitive athletics, and robotics.  Students are expected to advocate for themselves through  Love & Logic philosophy and develop into self-directed, confident young adults who are ready to take on any adversity with Catholic conviction.

StJPII realizes the community values coming through our doors each day support our Christ-centered philosophy. We strive to provide religious education, by promoting a sense of positive self-worth within an atmosphere of prayer and personal moral responsibility which reinforces values instilled at home. StJPII values your partnership and support as we grow each whole-child together. “Be not afraid”…to love, learn, and lead!

Middle School Grade Levels and Programs