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A StJPII Education

As a school, we continually strive, always through a Catholic lens, to provide an authentic learning environment where students are interested, engaged, and challenged.  Each decision that is made within the school and classrooms is purposeful with the intention of supporting our mission and vision.  Your children are precious to us and it is our goal to empower them by growing them in their faith and teaching them the skills necessary to become independent critical thinkers and learners.

Our teachers strive daily to meet the various learning needs of our students through developmentally appropriate best practice and differentiation while also fostering a joy for learning as students discover, collaborate, explore and develop a strong foundation in literacy, math, science, history, and religion. In each classroom, students are immersed in writing and reading across genres and engage in meaningful discussions through Guided Reading, Book Clubs, and Literature Circles.  Students also participate in Project-based learning, STREAM integration activities and are taught with a constructivist approach to Math instruction to ensure that learning is hands-on and appealing to all learning modalities.

As students matriculate from PK-8th grades, they are taught to take ownership of their learning through reflective practices of setting goals and celebrating both effort and accomplishments. Ultimately, students are instilled with an intrinsic desire to learn, grow, and develop academically and faithfully; ready to embrace challenges and to do God's will and to succeed in life.