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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement 

St. John Paul II Catholic School prepares all students spiritually and academically to succeed in life and to do God's will.

The Philosophy of St. John Paul II Catholic School

St. John Paul II Catholic School strives to develop and nurture the spiritual life of each child. This is achieved through religious education, by promoting a sense of positive self worth, and with an atmosphere of prayer and personal moral responsibility which reinforces the values instilled in the home.

St. John Paul II Catholic School strives to provide a quality learning environment where its students are encouraged to become self-directed learners, and to discover and develop their personal gifts. Students are continually challenged to pursue academic excellence and to reach their highest individual potential.

With Christian values as the cornerstone,St. John Paul II Catholic School instills a love of neighbor and a desire to serve others, and provides an environment that builds collaborative workers and community contributors. St. John Paul II Catholic School expects students to take their places in society with strong Christian values, to incorporate the spiritual and corporal works of mercy into their daily lives, and to make decisions grounded in the Catholic faith.

St. John Paul II Catholic School parents, students, and faculty provide a strong Christian community as the platform from which all learning takes place. The community recognizes the importance of all its members as teachers and models of Christian education.

St. John Paul II Catholic School believes it is essential to maintain an affordable tuition to be able to provide a Catholic education for all who desire it, regardless of financial ability.

Guided by the above philosophy, St. John Paul II Catholic School supports and follows the Vatican Council Declaration on Christian Education.

"Catholic schools are no less zealous than other schools in the promotion of culture and in the human formation of young people. It is, however, the special function of Catholic Schools to develop in the school community an atmosphere animated by the spirit of liberty and charity based on the Gospel. It enables young people, while developing their own personality, to grow at the same time in the new life which has been given to them at baptism."

II Vatican Council Declaration on
Christian Education, Section 8

StJPII's strategic direction in the coming years will be guided by the new strategic plan.

Vision for the Future

  Our vision for the future of St. John Paul II Catholic School is to continue to offer an exceptional Catholic education to all families who desire one for their children.  Academic excellence, quality extra-curricular programs, and a strong Catholic spiritual program remain the focus for the future of the school.
Our vision for the future is to further integrate technology into our academic programs, by purchasing and maintaining state-of-the-art equipment, and by incorporating the use of technology in core subjects.  Our goal of keeping up with current trends in technology will further prepare our students to succeed academically after they leave St. John Paul II.
We seek to assure financial security for the school by increasing significantly our endowment fund.  Our long-term goal is to increase it to a point that the interest on the fund will be significant enough to provide additional revenue for the school, so that tuition can remain as affordable as possible, while allowing for a generous tuition assistance program.
Finally, we seek to maintain full enrollment in the school by continuing to provide an academically superior education in a nurturing, Catholic setting.  We will further this goal by maintaining and enhancing our programs and facilities, and by continuing sound financial practices and marketing.