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  • St. John Paul II Catholic School prepares all students spiritually and academically to succeed in life and to do God's will.
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    • August 15
      Check out the new staff members by clicking the title above!
    • August 13
      The first day of school was noteworthy at St. John Paul II as parents, students, and faculty arrived to see "St." added to the school name on the front of the building. The addition honors the beloved namesake of the school, St. John Paul II, who was recently canonized. What made the day even more remarkable was that it was also the first day of school for a second generation for two of the founding families of the school. (click title for full story)
    • July 31
      Race Day is November 1st. Join us for the spaghetti dinner October 30th. For more information go to: www.runwiththesaints.com